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Music Videos

Music Videos

Great Visuals and quality is our priority, with high conceptual thinking. Contact us and meet the experts to accomplish your vision with our tools.


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Omega 1 Entertainment  Distribution Network

Omega 1 Entertainment Distribution Network

Distribute your contain with Omega 1 Entertainment Movie Distribution Network.

Omega 1 Entertainment has been very practical with the distribution of Movie Contents, particularly Cameroonian movies, since 2018. Both English and French Contet are accepted at Omega 1 Entertainment Distribution  Network.


For Submission:


* Synopsis Of the Movie

* An HD Poster Of the Movie

* Trailer Link

* Movie Preview Link

* Main Cast and crew List

* Broadcast History

* Production Company Infos

* Filming Country /Filming Language

* Movie Runtime

The Above informations and requirements should be sent to info@omega1entertainment.com, and we will get back to you on the rest.




Film Making & Documentary

Film Making & Documentary

What happends in your mind can append inside the camera. The images you want to see tomorrow, you take them today. We bring your screenplay to images, and tell your story in the best possible way, from pre to post production.