SAMBA is a soap opera about the role of African women in today's society. A complete drama of home chaos when compared to the color of a chameleon.

Marriage Counsellors MR and MRS FOTSO have successfully won communal admiration for their 33 years of matrimony and professional practice. They are role models and matrimony magicians who do not interven in any marriage case and leave it unchanged. This paradise of a happy union and profession gradually runs into black clouds. Their 31 years old son STEPHAN FOTSO Jr. plays non disciple to his parents’ teaching.

SAMBA is a fast rising fashion design label owned by KATRINE andNOELLA.  Katrine and Noella - in their late twenties - are in tumultuos relationships.  KATRINE with LEO - an male chauvinist and NOELLAwith MAXWELL - a man still obsessed with his ex LAURETTA.

Time flies, skeletons get exposed causing good to feel evil and evil to appear good… Stephan Fotso Jr's biggest battle remains; win the heart of MARIA, his long time obsession and senior student from secondary (who pops up as agent for ALMON USA (An international marketing firm) partnering with SAMBA.

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